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Turnkey projects – one of our great strengths

Construction clé en main, gestion complète de votre projet de construction

EMD provides a wide range of construction services, from design to completion of a project ... A true turnkey service.

EMD Construction is much more than a contractor.With all the expertise needed and building on a strong network of partners, EMD Construction acts as a developer, general contractor and building operator and manager.In fact, many of EMD Construction's projects are performed as turnkey projects.

Among the many benefits of a turnkey service, performance ranks highest.The customer deals with only a single supplier for design and performance of the project and project management is much simpler.In addition, the sole supplier takes on most of the risks.It must complete the project as agreed, on time and on budget.In case of problems, the customer deals with only one person.Finally, rapid establishment of a fixed price reduces or even eliminates the risks of cost overruns.

A turnkey service offers other major benefits, including rapidity of execution.A great deal of time is saved simply because the customer does not have to be responsible for plans, specifications and calls for tenders from multiple contractors.EMD itself coordinates the work of the different trades and its complete and diversified expertise will optimize your project by providing the best conditions for success.

EMD Construction favours the turnkey approach to facilitate its customers' work and provide them with peace of mind.From initial design to concrete results, we will support you during all stages of your project.Our company can even help you to find land, negotiate a financing agreement or take on building management after completion!

Services offered

  • Finding land
  • Support throughout the process
  • Complete construction project management (turnkey)
  • Finding financing
  • Researching grants
  • Obtaining permits and authorizations
  • Advice and recommendations as a partner
  • Building management after construction
  • Related customized services
  • And much more...