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EMD: the decisive encounter of two dynamic entrepreneurs

Marc Dubuc, President of EMD Construction, has always been immersed in the world of construction.At 14 years of age, he helped his father renovate rental housing in Verdun and St-Henri.A plumber for 10 years, he then became a general contractor in 1998 by starting EMD Construction.

In 1998, Marc Dubuc met Francis Charron, a brilliant engineer who managed construction projects for the giant Costco in Eastern Canada.The chemistry between the two construction enthusiasts worked immediately and a business collaboration began.

Ten years later, their businesses have 300 employees!Their many accomplishments include the construction of several retirement complexes, condominiums, public housing, a medical clinic, shopping centre, nurseries and many others.Well established in Quebec, the company also operates internationally with construction projects in Russia and India.

EMD Construction then explores a unique avenue, that of retirement homes, with construction in 2006 of L’amitié n’a pas d’âge in Sainte-Thérèse.This project represents a new niche developed by the company and residential seniors' complexes remains a chosen field.

In 2005, Marc Dubuc and Francis Charron incorporated Bâtimo, a promoter group that allowed them to partner with investors and seek out business opportunities.In parallel, full service accommodation and care was developed for their network of retirement residences.

Since it began, EMD Construction has earned numerous awards.Its creativity and search for excellence have been highlighted, among others, by awards from the National Bank, the ETS Network and a number of Chambers of Commerce and organizations.

The company's success relies on the broad versatility of its owners, who have formidable practical experience, in-depth knowledge of finance and a highly developed sense of partnership.For these construction enthusiasts, doing the impossible is pure pleasure!