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EMD Construction has a strong reputation among leading builders in Quebec

EMD Construction has a solid reputation among the leading Québec construction companies.

What distinguishes EMD Construction above all is the primary importance the company places on satisfying its customers.With accurate and plentiful advice and a strong sense of teamwork, EMD Construction offers its customers many economic benefits.The company has also garnered prestigious awards over the years, including awards from the National Bank, the ETS Network, a number of Chambers of Commerce and organizations.

With the broad experience of its owners, the excellent spirit of collaboration that drives the team and a thorough knowledge not only of the construction industry but also of management and finance, EMD Construction has earned a select place among Quebec's major builders and contractors.

For over 10 years EMD Construction has been active in Quebec and elsewhere in the world and has built autonomous or assisted living retirement homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, industrial buildings – in the end any type of building required. Its customers include big names such as Ivanhoe Cambridge, the Université de Montréal, Costco, National Bank and several other financial institutions.Recent years have been marked by construction of prestigious residential retirement complexes including the Carrefour régional des générations (behind the St-Eustache Hospital), a complex which will eventually have over 800 units, Le Sage au Piano in Ste-Thérèse, a complex with 282 units, the Nobilis in Blainville with 181 units, the Manoir l'Amitié n’a pas d’âge with 128 units, and many others.

In all its activities, the company relies on cooperation, respect and sustainable development.EMD Construction has also performed VERT, LEED and Novoclimat projects and its owners are involved in causes of every kind.

A developer, builder and operator, EMD Construction is differentiated from the competition by its global approach.The company has a profound knowledge of all project stages.Among existing builders, very few can assist a customer throughout its project, from researching for land to building operation.Clearly EMD Construction is much more than just a contractor.

Services offered

  • Finding land
  • Entire management of construction projects (turnkey)
  • Finding funding
  • Researching grants
  • Obtaining permits and authorizations
  • Construction services
  • Advice and recommendations as a partner
  • Management of the building after construction
  • Related customized services
  • More information on the company
  • Team
  • History